MOSH ASSIST: Check out the dramatic turn around in Mr Nurudeen's life through Mosh Assist project

Many, if not all individuals, thinks excellence and survival depends on their management skills, celestial commitments and terrestrial tries. We deemphasize that which is not compulsory, but necessary – putting smiles on the face of the have-nots around us. Committed to making life worth living, the Omoshola Assist Initiative popularly known as Mosh Assist spreads smiles through giving.

Mosh Assist is a nongovernmental empowerment and community development initiative. The initiative is basically committed to empowering incredibly impoverished persons and improving the welfare and habitation of deplorable communities across Nigeria.

Mr Taiye Oloko Nurudeen, a native of Kwara State, had a remarkable encounter with Mosh Assist. He ran into luck when one of the initiative’s Trustees sighted him walking barefooted around Bariga, Lagos State. Looking dejected as he chewed biscuit and pure-water, Mr Nurudeen’s cloth would not pass for rag in a moneyed household. He was traced to a construction site and was seen kneeling down to remove nails from used planks.

Upon interrogation, Mr Nurudeen disclosed that he is a carpenter with over 20 years’ experience, but life has been uneasy for him. Noticeably, he neither has a good working instrument, nor a mobile phone. Sober, Mr Nurudeen narrated how he sometimes trek far distances in search of work at construction sites to enable him feed his wife and only son.

Mr Nurudeen’s case was forwarded to the Mosh Assist Project Identification and Verification Committee for fact finding. The committee inquired into Mr Nurudeen’s background and lifestyle to ascertain whether he is a drug addict, chain smoker or unabashed gambler. It was discovered that Mr Nurudeen is a gentle and hardworking carpenter striving to make ends meet. He was therefore approved for assistance. Rain fell terribly on his scheduled assistance date, but the Mosh Assist team remain undeterred. His case was handled till late in the evening.

Mosh Assist took Mr. Nurudeen to the market to purchase his choice carpentry tools. He was afterwards taken to the boutique for a change of wardrobe. To enhance his communication with friends, families and customers, a new phone was purchased for Mr Nurudeen. He was also presented a Mosh Assist kit after having dinner with the team.

When asked how he feels, Mr Nurudeen went into a marathon prayer session for Mosh Assist. His prayer almost raised the roof. When he eventually made an attempt to express how he feels, tears uncontrollably flowed down his eyes as he disclosed that no one has ever rendered such assistance to him. Moved by emotions, the Mosh Assist team, especially the females, shed tears as Mr Oloko narrate his ordeal and gratitude.

Fellow Nigerians, nothing is too big or small to effect a change in the life of that incredibly poor person around you. Please trash your ego, unwillingness and reluctance to assist that your driver, cleaner, beggar, security and maid. It cost God nothing to have made you wretched and make them your boss. Show love and spread smiles always. You may never appreciate the little you have until you realize that your dissatisfaction is another man’s aim.

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At Mosh Assist, we make life worth living.


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