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Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti, who has carried on his father's legacy with his politically-conscious music has slammed the Ooni of Ife for claiming Jesus was his Father.

In an interview with Sahara Tv held before his performance at the One Africa music festival in New York, Seun says the Ooni of Ife's visit to the US and his claim that Jesus was 'his father,' is miseducation of the African youth, the impact of colonialism on modern Africans, the role politics plays in his music, and the ways in which music can be harnessed as a tool in the fight for social justice in Africa.

According to him the Ooni's statement is like the Queen of England saying the Pope is her father. If she says she no longer believes in the Anglican church of England and Archbishop of Canterbury and she swears allegiance to the Pope who is a fellow christian but a catholic, she will leave that throne that day. That will be the last day she will be the Queen of England. So for the Ooni to say he is the son of Jesus is cap over face, Shame! Shame! Shame! Especially after all the rituals he has done to become king of Yoruba people. It is literal when they say to become King in Yoruba land you have to eat the king (the previous king). Yes he is the king of everybody.

British people are Muslims too, Ifa worshipers too but it doesn't mean the Queen will pander to them by going to worship with them. No, but she respects their rights to freedom and accommodation as the King, that is your duty but to go and start pandering with them is an embarrassment to a throne that is older than him, to a throne that is older than his lineage, to a thrown that is older than anything that he thinks he knows.

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