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According to information posted on Twitter, by the Group Anonymous. US Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump's cell phone number, social security number (SSN), and address have been made public.
The twitter message reads:

BREAKING NEWS: PHASE II – #Anonymous leaks @realDonaldTrump's personal information – #OpTrump
— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonnMessage) March 17, 2016

“To show that we are very serious about stopping any proposed forthright by the fascist Donald Trump we have attached a gift of sorts,” Anonymous says in a video. “Trump’s Social Security number, cell phone number and other details that might be able to assist you.”
Some people called the number Anonymous provided but it went unanswered, while the SSN has not yet been verified. Trump’s campaign hasn’t commented on the matter, and Trump himself is yet to respond.

But it appears that not all Anonymous hackers are in agreement regarding Operation Dump Trump. That doesn’t mean they support the Republican candidate, just that they said in chat rooms that freedom of speech was more important than his controversial messages to voters. They believe he should be allowed to his first amendment right to free speech.

Source: YN


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