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The areas of decision management, environmental rules are most commonly associated with enhancing the value of ecosystem efficiency. It was for this reason it was adopted in Dubai and United States. This accordingly was achieved through capacity building that was organized in collaboration with Cognitro analytics and government of united Arab emirate some weeks ago.  An American based data empowering decisions firm whose Nigeria representative is Dr Samuel sanusi said at this stages of nigeria, most analytic is back word looking- in an attempt to understand what happened, and therefore be equipped to make decision in the future.

Alternatively, analytic can focus explicitly on predicting future performance or, in some a few cases, providing real time information to support decisions a concept of exploration vs. control highlights the difference between analysis and reporting, digging deep into a data to discover relationships, find causation and describe phenomena  and challenges of our ecosystem. Indeed, one can say it is effective on e-governance as a whole, but essentially efficient on eco-system in Nigeria, given it pressing issue that boarder much on our inhabitants for daily living.

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