'Stop asking Nigeria leaders for freedom',Mr Ibile Charges Nigerians [READ]

Stop asking Nigeria leaders for freedom, apparently, freedom is the prima facie contract between government and Nigerians. As it is, those who direct the helms of our public office will never share the freedom. If you want freedom, join Ibile members to take it in a peaceful manner.

No tribe in the world, No nation in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of people who were oppressing them.

Dear Nigerian, stop thinking about the tribal and regional resources sharing formula. Let us unite and prepare to free ourselves in peaceful revolt against clientele politics. Peaceful revolt is the only path to Nigeria prosperity.

Hope for Better Nigeria is not enough, there must be a concerted effort by liberated Nigerian to destroy the oppressive political structure of the greedy to conquer poverty

Ibile Peaceful Assembly will engage the enemy of Nigeria progressives with Ibile perspective to let Nigerians understand how to engage our leaders before & after elections, and to also hold them accountable & avoid needless sycophancy.

The everyday news is that of, the federal government of Nigeria is broke,but lawmakers allowances are intact, security votes are intact while presidency budget increased and Mr president message of hope for masses is to endure.

One of those who shoved President Buhari down our throat just told us clearly that Mr. President is not sound on economy matters. He is factually correct:  But, when a president is not sound in economic matters, he should surround himself with technocrats, not politicians who sponsored his political campaigned that need to recover their expenses .

As the face of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, am charged to demand Yoruba youths economic self-sufficiency in order to protect the Yoruba nation from the deceptive progressives campaigner brainwashed  machine which I am eager to brace up

Since the inception of the president Buhari-led APC government, the only visible development of Nigeria is poverty which is meant to eliminate our economy because the government and corporations are both expected to create an avenue for achieving higher levels of job security. Is it not the right time for those intellectual morons in National Assembly to work on "Civil Right Act" to make it make it illegal to fire employees for certain reasons.

The current unemployment rate and employee confidence indexes are not good indicators of job security in particular fields of which the statistics should be closely watched not for romantic interest with APC or PDP affiliate but for the interest of working class in Nigeria.

Close to 3,000 in banking sector just loose their job as some of them decide to fire with that who hire can fire which is not right. Yet, those who voice our  about the economy are PDP associates

How absurd will a government parastatal that was a charge to protect workers gave directives to the bank not to serve not to disengage their workers? One should wonder what grand did Mr. Ngige give such baseless directives without good monetary policies.

Nigeria leaders should note, our mandate with them  is not about political fluffiness, it is about the concrete reality of the struggling masses as we hope for a political feeling that will build communes instead of social prisons and policies that continue bleeding our economy.

To those who engaged and detract Ibile peaceful assembly, may you have a wonderful, awesome days ahead with all my respect, honor and thanks as you choose to be part of peaceful revolution