Pregnant woman raped by father after 20-year reunion

A pregnant woman reunited with her father after 20 years apart- and the reunion she expected was not what she got.

An unnamed Melbourne woman, for years looked for her wantaway father, and after she eventually found him in Queensland- she invited him to visit her and her family at their home.

The father, his partner and their son arrived at the woman’s home in October 2014, and stayed in the spare room.
But in late October 2014, the woman was home alone with her father, when he said to her: “Give Dad a hug.”
After they hugged, he asked for another hug- after which he started kissing her on the neck and had his hands around her waist.

At this point, she pushed her father away, sat down and sarcastically said: “If you’re gonna be like that you may as well take me to your bedroom.”
In response, the father told her to follow him into the bedroom before he pushed her on to the bed and raped her, saying, “I love you forever.”

The woman said: “I didn’t say anything or do anything. I felt I had to co-operate and not say anything. I was worried I might get hurt. I thought that if I tried to stop him, he would get angry.”
“I knew he had a very violent past and had been in jail for physical assaults.”

“I was very confused with what he said and I still am. I felt gross that it was my Dad. I just wanted to get in the shower as I felt so dirty.”
The woman told her husband what had happened and he contacted police.
After his arrest, the father told the police that: “OK, I’m gonna tell you. She made me have sex with her. I tried to say no. I didn’t want to lose her.”

According to the Court of Appeal Justices Simon Whelan and Anthony Cavanough- the woman revealed that she had been “really excited to see him [her father] here and finally meet him”.

“This was the first time meeting my father. He was happy to see me too … I was just so excited and happy to finally meet my real dad,” she said.