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A video showing a female soldier beating a civilian for allegedly complimenting her beauty is circulating on social media. The location of the occurrence is unknown. The female cadet officer led the assault, and continued abusing the civilian for saying she was beautiful. “Am I beautiful? How beautiful am I? Bastard!” she yelled as she repeatedly slapped the civilian.

“Idiot! Describe me, am I not like Beyonce? He said I’m beautiful, am I Angelina Jolie.” And when the civilian refrained from responding, she delivered heavier slaps to his face, saying: “This bastard is not responding.

“Are you a bastard? You have emotions. See this idiot. AM I beautiful? What is beautiful about me?”

When blood began oozing out of the victim’s mouth, he was ordered to remove his shirt and use it to wipe off his blood. “Clean that blood, idiot! Your blood is nothing, is that clear?” she screamed. “Bastard! He has blood to bring out.”

Back in August, a group of soldiers were caught on camera brutalising a civilian at Mararaba in Abuja. The citizen, who the army claimed was a robber, was stripped naked and brutalised in public on the busy Mararaba road. After the photo of the incident went viral, the Nigeria army promised to take disciplinary action against the soldiers.

However, two months after, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), wrote a letter to the Nigerian army wondering why the soldiers who perpetrated the act had not been handed over to the commission for prosecution.

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