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One can only do one thing to a vision when it is conceived ..Run with it. Wealth is created through entrepreneurship and not through employment. The jobs are good but they don’t create passive income or non-linear income. My aim is to build a formidable network of millionaires in the next nine months and duplicate the steps over the years. I believe anyone can learn the skill that anyone can learn.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. As a dogged determined and aggressive MLM specialist, it is my mission to develop a system that will build a world-class Network Marketing Business.
If you fall in any of these categories, I am calling you
1.     If in the next 10 years, your present job cannot conveniently earn you at least 1 million naira a month.
2.     If you have a big vision that you think a salary job cannot help you achieve in the next 5 years
3.     If you have a mission that’s driven by a ‘why’ story.
4.     If your fantasy is to wake up on a Monday sometimes and you just feel you should fall back in the bed with no fear of business crash or office query.
5.     If you have skill and goodwill to turn social interaction into business opportunity.

Abiodun Mustapha (Left) with Innocent Daniels(Right)

Your task is to read, study, internalize, believe, understand and take action on the simple steps that will be handed to you. A system that will shows you things to do that does not require you to think.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room in late 2003 to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today, those 2 people are billionaires.

Eduardo Saverin $4.2 Billion
Dustin Moskovitz $6.8 Billion

No one knows who the other three were..

Hon Wale Mogbonjubloa (Jagaban of Trevo)

Wale Mogbonjubla attended the business meeting with two other guys in 2011.. the two guys found no future in network marketing... Three years later.. Wale became a Jagaban who earns no less than 4 million naira a month while the other two are still selling supplements from house to house.

Francis Njoku (Hurricane) saw the opportunity in network marketing. He grabbed the opportunity with all his heart and in three months. He became a multi-millionaire.. In his own words “What I’m earning in a month today would have been my 5 year salary had I not take up the opportunity when it presented itself.

Nothing is more costly than a closed mind and a missed opportunity. A ‘THINKING ABOUT IT’ for too long can cost you a lot of money and time. Taking action now can earn you more than you bargain for. It’s your choice, your life. It’s up to you to make a DECISION today..
I wish you a Fulfilling, Financial Prosperity and Healthy Lifestyle..

Run with me if you will

To join #Team50 project

Please send your name and email to +2348066481017(Text or WhatsApp).   if you want to take your financial destiny into your hands..Do it Now..Entries closes when 50 participant is completed.

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