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A Tinubu Chief Magistrates’ Court in Lagos has ordered the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU), Lagos to release an activist, Abdullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa, alias ‘Mr-Ibile’.

Chief Magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye made the order following the SFU’s failure to conclude its investigation of a petition and file a charge against Mr-Ibile since December 28.

Mr-Ibile, founder of the Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network, was first arrested last December 17.

During his arraignment on a temporary charge on December 28, the police applied for a remand order and, granting the request, Chief Magistrate Ayeye remanded him in prison custody for 21 days.

During hearing on January 18, Chief Magistrate Ayeye held that Mr-Ibile’s right to freedom was paramount and that this did not stop the police from carrying on its investigation

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