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Ibile Peaceful Assembly, in her effort to make the case for average Nigerians has age in to save Mr. Mutiu Olumide from Ikoyi prison

Mr Ibile as the Executive Director of IBILE PRISON AND POLICY INITIATIVE decide to approach the Lagos High Court to file and contend the fundamental rights of a citizen who is languishing in prison for nothing against the 1st and 3rd respondents jointly, that the arrest and detention of Mr Mutiu Olumide since 3rd day of March 2010 till date at Ikoyi prison is unconstitutional and a gross violation of Mr Mutiu Olumide and fundamental right under section 34(4) (a & b) of the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).

Mr Olumide’s journey to the Ikoyi Prison started On December 2009, when Mr Mutiu Olumide purchased a motorcycle for commercial purposes by hire-purchase agreement and subsequently released the motorcycle to One Sunday Afekuo.

Shortly after Mr Mutiu Olumide released the motorcycle to Mr Sunday, it was alleged that Mr Sunday and another person, used the motorcycle for robbery operation.

Fortunately Mr Sunday and his cohort were arrested and the motorcycle was also detained and the owner of the motorcycle was traced to Mr Mutiu Olumide leading to his arrest and detention in January 2010.

Mr. Mutiu Olumide was arrested by the Nigerian Police of Ojogbe Police station at Ikorodu, Lagos State and was later transferred to State Criminal and Investigation Department, Alhaji Smith Street, Panti Yaba, Lagos State.

During the Police detention, Mr Mutiu Olumide, Mr Sunday and his Cohort were brought before the Deputy Commission of Police Panti Yaba, Lagos State where Mr Sunday confessed clearly in the presence of Mr Mutiu Olumide and the police that the motorcycle was purchased and released to him for commercial purposes only.

Surprisingly the officers at Panti charged Mr Mutiu Olumide before Magistrate Court on two counts charge of conspiracy to commit a felony to with robbery and armed robbery.

Shockingly, it was only Mr Mutiu Olumide that was taken to court, up till today, Mr Mutiu Olumide has not set his eye on Mr Sunday nor knows what happen to the prime suspect and his Cohorts.

On the 3rd day of March 2010, the Magistrate declined jurisdiction without allowing Mr Mutiu Olumide to plea. Since then Mr Mutiu Olumide has not been presented before any court, either for arraignment or for trial and he has been detained for six years and three months (3rd March 2010 – 2ndMarch 2016) plus three months at Ikoyi prison yard.

The respondent, has refused to duplicate the case file, failed to prefer an advice/opinion and failed to file any information against Mr Mutiu Olumide.

Meanwhile the long detention of Mr Mutiu Olumide has caused the death of his wife whi collapsed and died at Epe Bus stop sometime in 2014, more also the children of Mr Mutiu Olumide are scattered with no place to call their own home and nobody to care for them.

In conclusion, all efforts to trace the case file at the Magistrate Court No. 8 Botenical Garden, Oyingbo has proved abortive. In fact the registrar of the Honourable Court, said she is not familiar with the case and that she has searched their archives for the case file without success.

 Abdullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa of IBILE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY convener through Legal X –Ray solicitors, pray for AN ORDER of the Honourable Lagos High Court directing the Respondents to jointly and severally to forthwith release Mr Mutiu Olumide without any condition (unconditionally) from Ikoyi prison.

Mr Ibile said he’ll take the case up for Mr Mutiu base on the group pledged to end mass incarceration of Nigeria with ‘one day in court, jailed for life’ and to also produces cutting-edge research to expose the broader harm of mass incarceration and how unlawful incarceration undermines poor Nigerians welfare.

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