YaY! Linda Ikeji Engaged! Getting Married Soon

Nigeria’s super-blogger and entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji might be off the market as soon as practicable as she is reportedly planning to tie the nuptial knots in 2016, The Trent reports.

The 35-year-old chic is reportedly engaged to her real estate fiance since 2015 and plans are in the offing to make the relationship official. Read more after cut

A source in the know who revealed the story exclusively to Radar NG said Miss Ikeji might sell off her famous recently-acquired over N500 Million Banana Island mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

The undisclosed source said:  “She has been keeping her relationship with the guy low key. He proposed last year and they are expected to get married this year but not sure when.

“The wine carrying ceremony will be taking place at the mansion she built for her father in the village. I don’t really know the guy but I heard he is into real estate, one of those silent money types. They have been meeting at his place for a while.”

When asked whether Ikeji’s purported move to sell her property was on her fiance’s request, the source said: “She is selling the estate and planning to re-invest the money. She’s in love doesn’t means she’s stupid haba.”



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