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I watched with dismay in the early hours of today when this unknown gunman (pictured in red) carelessly shot in the air in an attempt to resist arrest by the Lagos State Special Taskforce, whose primary duty is to arrest and detain traffic offenders and indiscipline pedestrian that refuse to use the bridge.

This man walked across the highway just about four meters away from the pedestrian bridge and he challenged anyone to hold that action against him.
In an attempt to apprehend this lawbreaker, he brought out a pistol and shot into the crowd to scare away the harmless civil officials.

What baffles me was when his action was greeted with thunderous cheers and applauds from the crowd whose lives are already endangered by the ‘animalistic hero’ who had just resisted arrest by firing into the air. He was celebrated by fellow law breakers. The question is: Did he really cross the road when he is supposed to take the pedestrian bridge? Is he handicapped? Is he old? Is he blind? He wasn’t any
We’ve got something in our system that is worse than sickle cell. 

In their hearts, they can come to an agreement that they are low-life quasi-democratic freak. These guys are frustrating all effort to make Lagos habitable for everyone and in the end..these same law breakers, these same king-Kong gorilla-Godzilla will come out to chant “Lagbaja Lolese” SMGDH”.

What is it about orderliness that you don’t know? What is it about ethics and morality that you don’t know? You will jump up and call politicians every name under the sun and you’ve got problem deep in your blood that you can’t even fathom.
I profoundly call on all concerned agency to reach out to the task force and ensure that this man is duly brought to book or else..every Lagosian in civil apparel will soon be showing off against the system with several brands of handgun

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