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These days, it's incredibly hard to tell what's going on with Kylie Jenner and Tyga (or "Kyga," as the kids call them).
Kylie Jenner Looks Pissed. Read more after cut

Last week, it looked as though Kylie and Tyga were 100% dunz-o. Tyga even bought a new home more than an hour's drive away from Kylie's Calabasas crib.
Just a day later, however, Kylie and Tyga were spotted clubbing together in West Hollywood.

Then yesterday, it was reported that Kyga is back and better than ever, having been brought together by the fallout from Rob Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna.

Like we said, it's all very confusing - but Kylie may have cleared things up with one word last night.

While walking to her car after an event, Kylizzle was approached by a TMZ paparazzo who asked her point blank if she plans to marry Tyga.
Kylie's response? A simple "yes."

It doesn't get any more clear than that, folks.

It seems the wealthy, wildly popular 18-year-old is still planning to throw her life away make it legal with the 26-year-old D-list rapper who broke his engagement with his baby mama in order to have illegal sex with a high school student.

Good news for Tyga - not so great news for Kylie's bank account, future, family, etc.

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