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According to a reliable source, the Abuja-based accountant, as well as a socialite, will be tying the knot with his heartthrob, a medical doctor from Ilorin and a daughter of an ex-top  naval officer, in the first quarter of next year. The groom confided in our source that, he has found true love and he is set to walk down the aisle with his Mrs. “RIGHT”.

The pair has been dating for some time now, with plenty of speculations about just when the young, ebony, and finance expert will pop the question.

He was once quoted to have said;

My love for her was a natural development and we do not have any reason to deny our affections, fondness, passion, amour and likeness.
My love for my “Angel” is eternal and very soon I will be taking her through the aisle, ‘In sha Allahu’. We have virtually everything in common, apart from the fact that we are socially, religiously and emotionally compatible.
What else would a man want in a woman who is smart, focused and intelligent and above all a devoted Muslim.
Rumor also has it that friends and family from around the world; UK, USA, GERMANY, CANADA, is already getting set to jet into town in preparation for the event.

We wish them happy married life in advance.


  1. #MoneyTalks

  2. An accountant and a doctor..nice combo. Their kids will be genius

  3. Happy married life in advance!..haters should take note!

  4. Mhen. me sef go marry o. This is a lovely combination. @Joseph Seun, why didnt you mention names

  5. Ole @ Oni, so you can snatch the wife? #Busybody

  6. Cool combo..Accountant Vs Doctor

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