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A witch-doctor George Ubanda from Zimbabwe who is currently in Ikosi Ketu Lagos State says God is not at peace knowing that husbands and wives in Nigeria are cheating like no man’s business.

He says many Nigerians cheat on their partners but his special charms can put an end to it. He said that his coming to Nigeria was by divine mandate. He claimed that God sent him to Nigeria especially to save celebrity marriages which break down every day due to infidelity. When interviewed by newsmen, he said: “People in this country have no respect for marriage.

They always screw around. Where I come from, no one cheats. We don’t share our spouses. God is not happy with this nation so he sent me like Jonah was sent to Nineveh.” According to George, his charms works in three ways.

“My charm keeps couples together. The first method is called ulunhoka (or runyoka). It causes a cheating person’s stomach to bulge and their skin to turn black as if they have been bitten by a snake.

“The second method is called lock – it’s popular in Zimbabwe. If you poke someone other than your spouse, you’ll become stuck to that person and only your husband or wife can free you,” he said.

“The third method makes sure your privates work only for your spouse. If you are a man then your manhood will remain limp and flaccid except when you are with your legally wife. If you are a woman, then your womanhood will become so dry and will never get wet enough for penetration except you are with your legally wedded husband.

The charm according to him costs less than N10,000 each. He said that many top society Nigerian women with randy husbands has patronized him in the past few months since he arrived Lagos. He warned randy men who suddenly discovered that they can only have erections with their wives should confess to their wives and be healed.

He also revealed that he used the potent charm on his wife back home before coming to Nigeria though he insists that he will bring her over soon “I want to protect her from men with lots of money. This charm locks her. I can’t cheat either,” he said. William Chuni another witch-doctor, said: “Locking is used in many marriages but how it’s done is a secret between my clients and me.” 

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