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Wife of Prophet Ajanaku who died three years ago, Ireti Ajanaku has said though her husband is gone, his spirit is still very much alive and they communicate on a daily basis.

In an interview conducted by City People magazine in preparation for their church’s 20th anniversary, Mrs Ajanaku spoke about how she has managed to fill the big shoes her husband left behind, while consoling herself that they still communicate. 

How has it been all these years without your husband?

I thank the God of Elijah Ireti Ajanaku, He has been the one behind my strength. He has been the one behind me. If not for Him, I would have been forgotten and everything about my husband, Prophet Elijah Ireti Ajanaku would have been forgotten.

But His grace has been keeping me moving; ever since his body slept in the lord I believe he is much alive. I believe his spirit is much alive, but its only his body that slept.  It is God that has been sustaining me.

 I thank God for his call over his life. If not for the fact that God called him and he is a man of God, I don’t know what would have befall his Ministry, I myself and the children and everybody he left behind. But I thank God that called him. He has been the one sustaining us.

While answering another question she said her husband is not dead and she talks to him daily

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